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Lawyers Hannover
Attorneys at law
Patent AttorneYs
Trademark Attorneys

Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover (Main Office)

Tel +49.511/357356-0
Fax +49.511/357356-29


Lawyers Munich
Attorneys at law
Patent AttorneYs
Trademark Attorneys

Landshuter Allee 8-10
80637 Munich

Tel.: +49.89.2500790-50
Fax: +49.89.2500790-59


Lawyers Vienna
Attorneys at law
Patent AttorneYs
Trademark Attorneys

Trauttmansdorffgasse 8
1130 Vienna

Tel.: +43.1.8761517
Fax: +49.511.357356-29


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Tademark clients

We advise middle-sized and large companies, economic institutions and corporations of different sizes as well as private clients especially in matters concerning trademark law and the right to the use of a name.

Among our clients are:

  • Educational establishments (universities, vocational colleges, technical schools),
  • IT enterprises (developers, hard- and software companies, manufacturers, programmers, providers, computer labs, web designers, network specialists, internet agencies),
  • Electricity companies (operators of power plants using renewable energies, independent power suppliers, industrial power plant associations, projectants)
  • Networks of branches (health resorts, hotels, clinics, retailers and enterprises),
  • R&D enterprises and establishments,
  • Financial institutions (banks, savings banks, associations),
  • Industrial enterprises (aluminium, suppliers in the automotive industry, construction, chemical engineering, design, sealings, electrical engineering, production engineering, beverages, information technology, fuel, plastics ,foodstuffs, mechanical engineering, metal, paper and cardboard, recycling, telecommunication, environmental technology, packaging),
  • Innovative undertakings (inventors, founders of new businesses, technology transfer, agents),
  • Local authorities (communities, districts, towns, administrative connectivities),
  • Trade fair enterprises (catering, market research, fair building, planning and implementation of fairs),
  • Foundations (clerical, cultural, educational),
  • State authorities (federal property administration authorities, state authorities and establishments, state enterprises),
  • Societies and associations  (services, industry, handcraft enterprises, sports, technical supervision),
  • Publishing sector (authors, printing shops, editors, publishing houses, publishers),
  • Insurances,
  • Advertising agencies (event agencies, full service agencies, net agencies, web agencies, direct marketing enterprises).

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